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Casa L&J Zapopan, Mexico

Alvaro Moragrega, a renowned Guadalajara-based architect, is proud to unveil Casa L&J, a residential project adjacent to a golf course in Zapopan, Mexico.

The splendid brick vaults of the Imperial Kiln Museum

In keeping with local building practice, the bricks used in the construction are partly new and partly recycled from old kilns.

In Shanghai, an exhibition hall made of Kerlite

The new project designed by the Minax design studio in Shanghai combines elements of oriental culture with the high-quality Cotto d’Este Kerlite materials.

Marble-effect stoneware for a luxury penthouse in Aalsmeer

The choice of materials played a predominant role in defining the exclusivity of a contemporary look in this premium penthouse.

Revisiting the domestic architecture of the 1950’s

Designed for a couple and their two children, the Residence de l'Isle is a reinterpretation of Modern American Houses of the mid-20th century

ZAAZ Wellness & Beauty Spa, Dubai

Set across two floors, its interiors are reflective of Moroccan and Berber heritage combined with minimalistic modern design elements.

Sunoo Temple House: a place where men, environment and spirituality meets

With his new interpretation of the dialogue between human and natural elements, the designer Saket Sethi brings sustainability and aesthetic together.

The first eco-sustainable house 3D printed from raw earth

MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects - and WASP - World’s Advanced Saving Project - have completed TECLA - Technology and Clay

The Piasentina Stone protagonist of an alpine residence in Bavaria

The Piasentina Stone by Julia Marmi becomes the protagonist of a characteristic Bavarian mountain residence

LATICRETE helps to recreate a historic 1920's London hotel rennovation

Within a few metres of the world famous Bank of England building in the City of London, the former historic headquarters to the Midland Bank lay empty for many years following the
acquistion by HSBC in 1992.