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Versace Ceramics, architectural luxury spanning the worlds of fashion and design

The exquisite inspirations of luxury fashion meet upscale interior design. At Coverings 2024, Versace Ceramics is exhibiting ceramic tile collections that reflect the unique style of the world-famous fashion house.

Zambaiti Parati presents Atelis by Metrogramma and AMDL CIRCLE

The Atelis project is declined into two collections, developed in parallel by Metrogramma and AMDL CIRCLE.

Superfici Venice Collection by Materica: an alchemical vision of boiserie

The Materica brand from Venice, specializing in luxury metallic surfaces, introduces its inaugural collection of boiserie - a blend of art, craftsmanship, and technology showcased at the Design Variations by Mosca & Partners.

Kalesinterflex: “Take Good Care of Your World”

With Kalesinterflex, which has new dimensions and surface alternatives using 7 different production technologies, the company touches not only the conventional application areas such as interior and exterior wall and floor coverings, but also other surfaces of living spaces.

The beauty of imperfection in ‘A Piedi’ by APE Grupo

The ‘A Piedi’ collection and its lattice ‘Occhiata’ expertly blend craftsmanship with ceramic technology, achieving a delicate balance.

Tamashi by Ceramiche Refin

Tamashi – soul in Japanese – is the new collection of wood-inspired porcelain tiles proposed by Refin, inspired by the most essential and contemporary natural woods currently widely used in furnishings.

OmniDecor presents the new patterns in its Pure Lines collection

Designed to be printed on glass, the new patterns designed by Lidia Covello for OmniDecor’s Pure Lines collection feature simple and understated designs, distinguished by slim, square and rectangular lines.

The luxurious ‘Little Eden’ wallpaper by Deus ex Gardenia

British design house Deus ex Gardenia launches Little Eden, a brand new wallpaper design that is all about a joyful flourish of wild plants.

The creativity of the hexagone, "Eden" by Appiani

Appiani is ceramic for architecture with high aesthetic content for the maximum expression of creativity linked to functionality. ESAGONINE represents a product which link tradition and innovation, with a ri-edition of the hexagonal “shapes” of ceramic mosaic in a new porcelain stoneware support.

Coquille by Ceramiche Refin: delicate fossil inclusions

The result of an attentive aesthetic elaboration of the peculiarities of limestone, Coquille synthesises the fascination of mineral elements in extraordinarily balanced ceramic surfaces that are discreet and contemporary.

WallPepper®/Group’s Museum Collection capsule

Transform every space into a masterpiece. With WallPepper®/Group’s Museum Collection capsule, interior design reaches a unique and fascinating new dimension. Wallpaper becomes a means to communicate art and customize living areas, for individuals or in the hospitality domain.

Tuet: Arpa's first deep surfaces

Arpa Industriale is exploring new texture design by introducing the Deep Surfaces. Enhancing the ability of giving movement and depth to the space, this new family of materials confirms the company’s pledge to develop both innovation and aesthetics.

Ariostea: three new chapters of beauty with Ultra Marmi Travertino

With Travertino Romano, Travertino Silver and Travertino Titanio, Ariostea pays tribute to a material that embodies classic Italian style, as well as the evolution of art and design ambition.

Introducing the ELIE SAAB Wallpaper collection: VOL. II

The collaboration between ELIE SAAB, one of the world’s leading haute couture houses and luxury lifestyle brands, and Zambaiti Parati, a renewed historic brand in the field of quality wall coverings, continues with the introduction of the ELIE SAAB Wallpaper collection: VOL. II.

Fires, designed by Serena Confalonieri for Wall&decò

Fires is the new wallpaper designed by Serena Confalonieri for Wall&decò.

Fantini Mosaici celebrates the art of contemporary mosaic

Double appointment in Dubai for Fantini Mosaici that presented at Downtown Design two spectacular creations: "Carved in the Now" by AB+AC Architects and "Mirage", the first collection of mosaics designed by the Swiss artist Anne-Marie Fischer.

Special Tile Week The Top

Shades and textures that evoke distant lands and rare marbles. The new Marazzi The Top material looks reference the large geometrical forms of quartzes, the compactness of volcanic stones and the deep veining of metamorphic rocks, dotted with imperceptible traces of pebbles. There are no creative limits in the development of new surfaces and new technologies.

Hisbalit presents “Doppel Design”

At Cersaie 2023, Hisbalit presents the upcoming trends for next year in eco-friendly mosaic tile: creative designs with a hypnotic effect in warm, timeless colours. Sober and elegant motifs that combine tradition and modernity.

Decoratori Bassanesi presents Windy by Nendo

The endless blowing of the wind and the ripples, trails and swirls it leaves behind when it passes over water, rice fields and grasslands are the inspiration for Windy, a collection spawned by the inexhaustible creativity of Oki Sato, the founder and Chief Designer of Nendo, a renowned design firm.

A mosaic of diamond-shaped pieces

As a covering, metal gives architecture a second skin in a varied palette of iridescent shades, oxidation effects and deep colours.