Listone Giordano introduces Désir

Drawing inspiration from The Seer, painted by Giorgio de Chirico in 1915, Désir is the newest arrival of Listone Giordano’s Atelier collection, born in 2006. Reinterpreting the scale of thin and stretched strips - a typical feature in old wooden floorings - this line is available with two different finishes: Heritage Filigrana Civita 1695 and Filigrana Fiesole 1125.

The open-pore polishing enhances the surface’s grains, making this new product equally suitable to be used as an elegant parquet or as a vertical distinctive element.

Atelier Désir is available with two optional finishes: Oleonature, made from air-dried natural oils, and the water-based Invisible Touch, both of them endowed with Listone Giordano’s own antibacterial technology, Crystalcare.

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