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Between dream and spirituality: Listone Giordano and Dante Oscar Benini present Factum

A Latin term, an ancient name to define a need for aesthetic spirituality that is highly topical in modern times. Factum is this and much more.

"Terre di Vigna": parquet embellished with natural wine colors

Nature, design and food come together in an unprecedented material project, which sees wine transformed into an active design element.

Listone Giordano and Paola Lenti bet on the color

In addition to the shapes and finishes, the combination Lenti - Listone Giordano focuses entirely on colors, an aspect often overlooked by wooden floors.

Marc Sadler signs "Fabrique" by Listone Giordano

Birch plywood becomes visible turning into a real wooden fabric.

The parquet Biscuit of "Patricia Urquiola: Between Craft and Industry"

The innovative collection designed for Listone Giordano will be exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Biscuit by Patricia Urquiola for Listone Giordano arrives in the outdoor

The typical elements of the collection, namely soft shapes and rounded profiles, characterize also the outdoor version to emphasize the decorative feature of the wooden floors

Listone Giordano introduces Désir

Inspired by the artistic work of Giorgio de Chirico, Désir is the newest arrival of the wooden collection Atelier.

Hotel Seamarq, South Korea: a project by Richard Meier&Partners

Renovated by the architect Richard Meier for 2018 Winter Olympics, the luxurious hotel located in South Korea consists of two buildings connected by a bridge.

Listone Giordano presents "Undici"

Lasting incisions and grooves make wood a unique sculpture for the floor.

Between design and art: an apartment in the Museum Tower in New York

The exterior views are the main protagonists: enhancing the large living spaces, they are emphasized by the interior modern design.

AA Robins in the Gulf Islands

The project by the architect AA Robins overlooks a bay in Canada's Gulf Islands, situated just off the coast of Vancouver

All-wood stand for Listone Giordano at Cersaie 2015

The stand of the company at Cersaie 2015, designed by Marco Tortoioli Ricci of the graphic design firm Bcpt, is an ideal co-working space whose décor is not just something to look at from the outside, but something to interact with and enjoy as part of a direct relationship.