New marble chip collection for Mipa

“Optical Trips”, created by Studio Meneghello Paolelli for Mipa, is a collection of marble chip tiles.

The collection consists of four different décor lines (Vertice, Mediana, Eccentrica and Traverso), all characterised by a single square module (input) that can be installed at random or in fixed patterns to produce different optical results (outputs), creating completely heterogeneous configurations and decorative effects.

By combining these elements as building blocks, surfaces can be given complex, ever-changing layouts using repetition and contrast to create an impressive variety of effects in a fascinating journey through the infinite potential of geometric shapes.

  • “Vertice” features opposing corners with two different shapes and can be combined in various ways to create 6 different patterns.
  • “Traverso” exploits the diagonals of the square to produce what is perhaps the most iconic of designs. This module can be laid in random order, in repeating patterns or in “metamorphoses” that pass gradually from one pattern to another.
  • In “Mediana”, two segments joining opposite sides overlap to form a “top” and “bottom” capable of generating a variety of patterns.
  • “Eccentrica” features a rectangle positioned off-centre to create four margins of different proportions.