The new “CERA” effect by Refin

Refin's experimental approach is on full display in the new collection of ceramic surfaces that draws inspiration from the working of wax and represents a totally new creative look.

Sparked by an original insight of Refin’s tile designers, research was initiated based on observations of wax and its transformations and on experiments conducted to translate the same visual and tactile sensations onto ceramic tiles.

Refin was thus able to recreate the plasticity of wax by elaborating a graphic design with great depth, where small cracks, cavities and traces – reproducing the effect resulting from the casting and subsequent solidification of wax – seem to dance lightly across a background that alternates between light and dark areas.

The result is a surface with a uniform appearance, which only reveals a wealth of details and nuances when seen up close, adding a dynamic nature to the material, producing an original, elegant, refined perception.

Attentive experimentation also led to the development of the special Cerasilk surface finish that distinguishes the collection, which is particularly soft and silky and conveys the fluidity of wax to the touch, reinforcing the realistic effect of the graphics.

The colour range includes three powdery shades whose names metaphorically recreate a complete colour spectrum: Luce, luminous white expressing sensations of purity; Fumo, a refined grey enhancing the depth of the graphics; Incenso, a warm shade with a strong personality.


The tiles are available in three sizes: 60x120 cm and 120X120 cm for floor and walls, plus the new 6x24 cm brick format for walls.