Dècora Glass: a laminated glass decorative panel

Tecnografica presents Dècora Glass, a new decorative panel made of laminated glass. Thanks to the large formats (up to 1480x3000 mm) and the reduced thickness (8.7 mm), Dècora Glass sheets are suitable to cover large surfaces. As a result, they can be used for large projects in the naval and Horeca sectors, as well as for residential and commercial areas.

Moreover, the strength of the glass make them suitable for kitchen tops or support surfaces on tables and furniture. Dècora Glass has also a double function: from a classic decorative panel applied to the wall, it can turn into a backlit panel to create a visual impact in some environments.  Patchouli, Quartz-Wood, Ametista, Agata-Mix, Tonka, Life On Earth and Giant Agata are some of the new themes of Dècora Glass, created through the high-resolution digital acquisition of the natural textures of agates, amethysts, mokaite, quartz, crystals and fossil stones. The brilliance of the laminated glass by Dècora Glass enhances even more the refinement of the details and the brilliance of the colors of these precious surfaces.