WILL by CIMENTO® is a thin and flexible coating, which uses over 90% mineral aggregates mixed with a binder containing a minimum quantity of cement and mostly made up of waste materials from quarries. The reuse of these materials allows to minimize the waste of non-renewable resources and to protect the natural heritage. WILL represents a real easy-to-install "skin" that is characterized by multiple application possibilities, is available in a wide range of colors and adapts to the most diverse contexts, from residential to public spaces, from retail to hotellerie. 

CIMENTO® has always paid particular attention to the environment and to sustainability, as evidenced by the PEFC® and FSC® certifications. The CIMENTO® production site itself has a photovoltaic system capable of satisfying 80 to 100% of energy needs and the remaining energy supply comes from suppliers who exclusively use renewable sources.

In addition, in 2021 CIMENTO® obtained the Carbon Neutrality/ISO 14064 certification thanks to increasing investments in carbon offset quotas, confirming its commitment to implementing CO2 emission reduction plans to reduce their impact in the coming years.