The third volume of Automobili Lamborghini collection by Zambaiti Parati

Zambaiti Parati continues its partnership with Automobili Lamborghini, an emblem of excellence in Italian automotive, by introducing the latest collection of Automobili Lamborghini wallpapers: Vol. III.

This collaboration began in 2017 with a deep dive into the lines of Lamborghini's cars, inspiring Zambaiti's wallpaper collections. The inaugural collection debuted in January 2019, followed by the second in March 2021, with the third set to launch at the end of March 2024.

Echoing Lamborghini's iconic and daring DNA, the third volume of the collection encapsulates material elements like carbon fiber, capturing the essence of headlight contours and the signature hexagonal shapes that define Sant’Agata Bolognese's supercars.

Zambaiti Parati has masterfully fused supercar design with interior decor sensibilities, infusing its wallpapers with the artistic elegance synonymous with the brand. This DNA alliance of luxury automotive aesthetics and interior design not only accentuates Automobili Lamborghini's style but also elevates residential spaces with refined sophistication—a tasteful elegance able to complement any home environment.

The collection is composed of wallpaper rolls covering 7 square meters, featuring hallmark Automobili Lamborghini colors such as yellow, imbuing residential settings with a bold, dynamic flair.

Beyond the brand's iconic hues, the collection also showcases nature-inspired graphics, from tropical foliage to stucco-like textures, bringing the beauty of the outdoors within residential interiors.

Zambaiti Parati's products are distinguished by their three-dimensional allure, which, in Automobili Lamborghini Volume III, offers a uniquely tactile experience.

Automobili Lamborghini Volume III collection epitomizes excellence and exclusive luxury, capturing iconic elements from previous volumes, thereby ensuring continuity and enhancing the value of this successful collaboration.