The universe in matter by Ceramica Sant'Agostino

Star is the marble and onyx-effect porcelain collection that captures in matter the beauty of the cosmos and the elements that dot the sky.

The collection has two contrasting souls, the visual stasis and the plunge into color, which take shape in the graphics: Star Onyx, which interprets onyx, is the explosion of color in a mixture of shades, for a threedimensional look that fits into any environment; Star Marble for the colored veins that radiate on a white marble, with warm and textural nuances, marries classic and sophisticated environments.

Three colors are declined on both graphics: Indigo, Emerald and Purple, vibrant and versatile colors that recall the colors of stars and planets.

To enhance the graphics, Star Onyx is offered in a krystal finish. The extraordinary effect of depth comes from the luster of this finish and the special shading and veining, which is also achieved thanks to Digital Plus technology that allows perfect color control at very high definition, elevating the graphic rendering and the technical and visual quality of the product. This surface gives an effect of exceptional transparency and brightness that enhances the colors, the protagonists of this collection.

Star Marble on the other hand, depending on the effect sought, can play on a double finish, krystal and natural, which gives concreteness and materiality to the graphics.

30x60, 60x120, 90x180 are the three sizes of the collection, which meet a wide variety of design needs and together with the laying direction, influence the final optical effect. In fact, the Star collection is designed to create a dual visual experience: in detail, thanks to the depth of the graphics, and in the whole, thanks to the high number of patterns (up to 110) that gives incredible dynamism.

Star offers two mosaic decors, ideal for creating color details within a room and for enriching and enlivening small portions of walls or niches: Maxi Class hexagonal and Storm rectangular offset, in krystal and natural finishes respectively. Depending on the application and environments chosen, Star is able to dialogue with multiple styles and languages. For living rooms and spaces dedicated to the living area, the elegance and veining of Star Marble can create visual harmony and increase the sense of spaciousness, while the krystal finish gives brightness and depth. For bathroom environments, deep and intense shades in the prevailing tones of blue, green and purple, the colors of the collection, are perfectly suited.

The graphics of Star Onyx are well suited to environments where other materials or effects are present; a textured concrete in neutral colors, for example, enhances its color and softens its explosive nature, making Onyx ideal even for calm, placid settings. In particular, Star surfaces are an extraordinary solution for building or renovating hotels, hospitality and dining spaces, where it is essential to combine quality and aesthetics.