SKINNY, external symmetry and internal organic

SKINNY is the new collection of washbasins designed by Niccolò Adolini for Scarabeo Ceramiche.

It is characterized by an external symmetry where the rigorous and geometric shapes create an elegant presence in the bathroom. The SKINNY collection fascinates with the sinuous and organic movement dictated by the interior of the washbasin that identifies with the harmony of nature.

The shape of the SKINNY collection is inspired by the natural rock smoothing process: it is an organic heart where the soft, flowing curves tell the story of a patient and wise evolution.

“Each basin is conceived as a sculpture in which water flows and moves in a controlled way, following the internal curves of the basin with a touch of dynamic elegance”. Niccolò Adolini

The rigorous exterior and the clean design of the washbasins embody a minimalist approach, whereas the internal organic shapes add a touch of sophistication and warmth. This combination of elements gives a distinctive contemporary identity to the washbasins.

With its modern design that is perfect for all bathrooms, SKINNY is available in lay-on version with round, oval, and rectangular shape, with or without tap hole.

In addition to the coloured finishes of all Scarabeo collections (White, Black, Sand, Tobacco, Pink, Musk and Ocean) in both glossy and matt versions, SKINNY is available in three new nuances: Sky Blue, Yellow and Peach.