MODO Project by Altamarea, beyond design

A complete, versatile bathroom furniture system that helps create your style.

MODO Project is a bathroom collection by Altamarea that combines art and creativity with technology and functionality. It is a versatile bathroom system that helps create the same design idea by using all the system’s finishes, without any major changes. It is therefore not just about design, but it is also an intellectual process aimed at improving people’s quality of life.

The wide range of finishes available and the different types of modular features and openings help create customised projects based on the user’s needs. Square lines, gently rounded corners and thin edges co-exist in the individual elements that form the collection: from the soft ovals of the countertop washbasins to the geometric shapes of the built-in tubs, from wall-mounted base units – also available with a two-tone finish – to Monolite, from bathroom fixtures that can be painted different colours to a curved bathtub.

Part of the collection’s style is the new Alu_Project aluminium profile. It is a structural element extended to the Monolite module and surfaces that highlights the linear nature of the design and emphasises the finishes. While the new open end modules (15 cm) designed for wall units and storage columns are created to form an alternative space.

MODO Project is a complete collection that offers the greatest freedom with arrangements. This is why the storage modules can be designed by choosing from six opening systems that characterise their aesthetic impact without altering their functionality.

Lastly, the wide range of finishes offered increases the project’s level of customisation. The new materials include the Traccia processing of vertical slats that can be combined with MODO Project’s oak colours. Refined and understated, it creates a special harmony among the materials in the bathroom.

Altamarea has also included an elegant additional feature for women: the Vanity Case, a dressing table which, once open, reveals a refined, functional space thanks to its backlit mirror, power sockets and practical pull-out top that increases the countertop surface.

Eye-catching and vibrant, the Petit mini washbasin is also perfect for furnishing a small room with an original touch. At just 21.3 cm deep, it is sure to take up the least amount of space with a high level of functionality. Available in both Mineral Sand and Mineral Lux, it can be installed free-standing or supported by a practical dedicated storage unit in the same colour or with a contrasting style.

The collection is completed by the stylish series of wall mirrors: available in different shapes and sizes – from standard to more curved ones like the circle or the new half-moon – with optional demisting and built-in backlighting.

As always, the Altamarea design stands out with its strong focus on the object and its interaction with the end user: MODO Project includes a section dedicated to Laundry, complete with accessories and modules including practical laundry baskets, broom closets and large washbasins. The classic laundry features are also integrated into corner cabinets – pre-fitted for the installation of household appliances or for storing household cleaning products and tools – in perfect harmony with the bathroom’s design by using the space intelligently. With its aluminium structure and shelves made from various materials, the Vertical system can be set up to become a convenient hanger for bathrobes.

With its hallmark versatility, the MODO Project system brings the idea to life of a “holistic” bathroom where every detail complements one another to express “the architecture of your well-being”.

MODO Project, 2023
Design by Franco Driusso