Bathco presents new hand-painted washbasin designs

Bathco has unveiled its latest washbasin designs at the prestigious Salone del Mobile in Milan. During the event, the company introduced a new supplement to the Materia catalog, showcasing new washbasin lines that are redefining elegance and sophistication in interior design.

Bathco has added three new series of washbasins to its exclusive Atelier collection. These new porcelain models will captivate design lovers, as each piece is hand-painted by the artists at Bathco's workshop, creating washbasins that break traditional boundaries.


The Wadi series combines the timeless elegance of classical architecture with modern creativity. Inspired by the fluting of classical columns, each washbasin in the Wadi series is a unique work of art. Available in circular and oval shapes, these washbasins capture the essence of an ancient decorative motif and reinterpret it with touches of color, creating a look that suits a variety of decor styles.


The Dobra series draws inspiration from the ancient shapes of Gingko biloba leaves, one of the oldest living tree species. With a design that mimics the delicate veins and natural elegance of these leaves, each washbasin in the Dobra series is a piece of ancient beauty. Available in three unique designs: turquoise, chocolate/gold, and aged black, this washbasin adds a touch of distinction to any bathroom space.


Inspired by a raindrop falling on the surface of a puddle, the shape of the Saigon washbasin evokes the beauty and simplicity of nature with its original conical form. This shape captivates with its simplicity and dynamism, making each Saigon washbasin a timeless piece. Available in three different designs: chocolate, gray terrazzo, and blue flowers. Each washbasin, hand-painted and designed by Lucio Traficante, represents a unique blend of art and design, elevating the ambiance of any space and transforming bathrooms into places of distinction.