A club room with lunar charm

Imagine you’re walking down a quiet street in Debrecen, Hungary. You enter a building with a neo-classical facade, just like all the others around it, and suddenly you are catapulted into a space that is totally removed from the real world. It’s a kind of parallel universe consisting of glacial walls, with ethereal, moon-like charm.

We’re in a large, light-filled, open-plan private club room, with card tables and a bar area. The aim of its designer, Bernadett Fazekas, was to create a place where people could leave the everyday world outside and immerse themselves in a deeply relaxing atmosphere. To do this, she opted for contemporary, minimalist furnishings, with sinuous, welcoming lines.

Creativity in glass

The decorations are minimalist but high-impact: on the back wall there is a large artistic mosaic with Vetrite inserts from the SICIS “Saturno Contro Blue” collections, whose rounded geometric shapes are in the same shades of blue as the armchairs, which provide the only touch of colour against an otherwise all-silver backdrop.

The bar area looks like a luminous spaceship on this planet of ice. It is clad entirely in innovative Vetrite large-format panels patented by SICIS, in Pergamino Grey. And this is no random choice. With its high resistance to impacts, humidity and extreme temperatures and its self-cleaning, anti-bacterial properties, Vetrite is the ideal solution for combining aesthetics with practicality. The fact that it is easy to cut – even with hand tools, directly on the work site – is another major benefit for installers. The clever plays of light generated by the LED lighting showcase its chromed highlights, helping inject a strong sense of atmosphere into the environment.

Now let’s retrace our steps to finally meet the wonder that greets visitors and accompanies them on their way to this world beyond the constraints of time and space.

The central wall of the staircase leading to the lower floor is decorated with a magnificent artistic mosaic, also by SICIS. Hand-made in the company’s large workshop in Ravenna, Italy, the mosaic is based on a work by Viktor Friedl Kiss that depicts some men with umbrellas and hats, which are recurring motifs in the Hungarian painter’s pictures. With infinite patience and attention to detail, the expert mosaic craftspeople have succeeded in capturing and emphasising the work’s energy, with each piece representing a brush-stroke of colour.