SICIS arrives in Dubai

By the 8th November, the inauguration date of the Dubai Design Week, SICIS will have a new hub for the entire middle east: 150 sq. m. entirely dedicated to surfaces, especially the large formats that are the main ones in this new set-up.

This is an important step for the expansion of the brand distribution network in the highly-strategic market of the United Arab Emirates.

The opening takes place just over a year after Expo Dubai, an event in which SICIS was the absolute protagonist with the covering of the “Tea-tro della Memoria”, house of the 3D reproduction of Michelangelo's Da-vid, with 2 million gold tiles.

Located in the renowned Dubai Design District (D3), SICIS showroom displays a wide range of products for floor and wall surfaces so to ap-preciate their aesthetic, creative and productive value.

Several solutions satisfy all design requirements. You can find exam-ples of different applications, which show all the great potential of Ve-trite slabs: ranging from a decorative cladding on walls or in structural architecture, such as parapets, platform roofs, stairs or curtain walls.

In addition to the collections already established and appreciated by designers (Vetrite and Vetrite Gem Glass), there are new ones such as Vetrite Sight by Studio Marco Piva and new intelligent applications such as the backlighting and the photovoltaic Vetrite. The latter is a project that involved the collaboration of the company Glass to Power, a spin-off of the University of Milan Bicocca, expert in the production of nanoparticles for the creation of decorated photovoltaic panels.

Obviously, in the showroom glass mosaic proposals are displayed too.

Among these, great attention is paid to the backlit mosaic: decorations made up of special semi-transparent tiles are applied using a transpa-rent fibre mesh on LED panels to create fascinating light contrasts.