Hisbalit mosaic tiles at Casa Decor 2022

At Casa Decor 2022 Hisbalit presents its most creative and artisanal mosaic tile with original applications of its latest RAW collection, inspired in natural fibres and earthy elements. This is Hisbalit’s 13th edition as a participant in this renowned interior design event opening last Thursday until the May 22nd at Calle Goya 89 in Madrid.

This special edition of Casa Decor is themed on sustainability and artisanship: organic and recycled materials, “0 km” and biophilic design. RAW is Hisbalit’s most natural collection, an ondulated mosaic tile with a play of curves and movement. Hisbalit mosaic tiles are produced entirely in Cantabria using 100% recycled glass and all natural pigments, inviting the creation of emotionally attractive spaces inspired in artisanship and a warm minimalism.

Hisbalit mosaic tiles are part of “Tacto Sereno”, the Bathco space, designed by Patricia Bustos Studio. This is an original hotel reception area that stirs the emotions of guests with artisanship and handcrafted features that inspire our sense of sight and touch.  

The all-natural, handcrafted materials set the tone for the space, combined with flowing, organic forms and curved walls, surfaces and furnishings. Patricia Bustos selected rattan, marble, Bathco ceramics, brick and eco-friendly mosaic tiles from Hisbalit as the protagonists of this striking reception area. The studio decided on the Damero model from the Les Classiques Hisbalit series and the Gypsum and Earth references from the new RAW Hisbalit, collection using customised colours. This ondulated mosaic tile is a fusion of craft and design with a raw, rough, pure, brute, unpolished aesthetic. A timeless design used to create an original border along the top of the walls giving elegance and personality to the space.

Hisbalit is also present in Vitamina Home, the Culmia space at Casa Decor 2022, designed by Virginia Gasch. A minimalist style with a positive vibe, a dreamy world with a dual vision: the home as a place of happiness, and where we have everything we need. Flowing and organic forms, in line with the times, are the protagonists of this natural space, filled with colour and personality free of dissonances and using a chromatic range inspired in the natural world with green and terracotta tones. 

Virginia Gasch, from VG Living, chose ecological materials associated with the natural world, including stone, cement and the new RAW mosaic tile from Hisbalit. With three references (Jute, Earth and Gypsum), the designer created three innovative designs: using the Jute model to surface the curved walls of the shower and the Earth model to create a natural wall in the kitchen. A splashback with a handcrafted aesthetic in terracotta tones gives this home of emotions a unique and welcoming character.

The designer used the Gypsum reference for the back of the curved built-in shelves with an artisanal feel. An original design feature, with a prominent arch, is added to the latest trend that is lighting up social media: “shelfie décor”, artistically designed shelves that are a true inspiration. Virginia also added to the composition a number of traditional pieces in artisanal, handcrafted materials.