Ceramiche Refin presents GLINT, a project by Quayola for REFIN DTS

On the occasion of Milan Art Week and Fuorisalone 2024, Refin presented the inaugural exhibition of the new DTS project within the premises of Refin Studio, the Milanese space of the brand dedicated to design and research on ceramic material.

REFIN DTS – Daring Art Expolorations

DTS has been a part of Ceramiche Refin's history for many years. As a leading company in the world of ceramic surfaces, Refin has embraced DTS as a creative experimentation laboratory, inviting architects, designers, stylists, and artists to express their creative flair on porcelain stoneware. Building upon this past experience, Refin has decided to once again push the boundaries of design and elevate the DTS project to a new dimension through collaborations and artistic contaminations.

With the initiative REFIN DTS - Daring Art Explorations, Refin aims to encourage and celebrate experimentation and innovation by promoting bold projects in contemporary art. The materials and spaces of the company now become a blank canvas that Refin offers to renowned artists, allowing them to express what it means to dare in the world of art through their creativity and unique expressive style.

Curated by Valentino Catricalà, the project will renew annually with internationally acclaimed artists, producing significant works and installations that exemplify audacity through art, using ever-evolving expressive languages.

For each project, in the initial phase, Refin will give the artist the freedom to dare and express their audacity through an artwork that will take center stage in exhibitions and shows. This artwork will be generated and inspired by the exchange of values and cultural influences with the brand, representing a theme of common interest.

The journey of experimentation between the company and the artist will continue until the creation of the Variation: a collection of unique ceramic pieces, a free reinterpretation of the original artwork and a pure expression of the technical and material contamination between the artist and the world of Refin. It will encapsulate the brand's values, its people, and the uniqueness of its laboratory.

GLINT: Quayola for Refin DTS

The first artwork with which Refin inaugurates this journey of artistic collaborations is Glint, a site-specific installation designed by Quayola for the spaces of Refin Studio in Milan.

Recognizing Quayola's vision of the world and art, Refin chose the artist not only for his audacity, a foundational value of the DTS project but also for the perfect combination of artisanal creative processes and technological production. This fusion of elements strongly characterizes the creative genesis of the brand's collections. Together with Quayola, Refin aims to explore the relationship between art, nature, creativity, new technologies, and the interaction between humans and machines.

Glint is just the first step in the collaboration with the artist, which will continue throughout the year and culminate in the presentation of a collection of ceramic pieces created by Quayola in collaboration with the Refin laboratory in September 2024. These pieces will showcase the artistic prowess of Quayola and bear the mark of his unique style, becoming collectible works of art.

ph Davide Arcuri