Cer-Stile: the Italian Style Concept at Cersaie

A journey from the north to the south of Italy, from mountain huts to the sea by way of an underground station, to explore the country's qualities of excellence through regeneration projects.

This is the spirit that inspires the exhibition Cer-Stile, a story told through a series of habitats in which Italian style is the common thread uniting projects carried out using exclusively Italian products.

Angelo Dall'Aglio and Davide Vercelli explore the Italian landscape through an itinerary extending over a 1,500 square metre space consisting of a space-time tunnel divided into sections and arranged in a horseshoe layout. The tunnel, a metaphor for a journey that takes the form of a life-size high-speed train with Orient Express style interiors, is the venue devoted to events and meetings for visitors and industry professionals. The two spaces inspired by the sea and mountains reinvent the functions and characteristics of these places with irony and a sense of fun. For example, the mountain scenario not only features a tearoom, bookstore, restaurant and spa, but also a tailor where one can pick up a tuxedo ready for a New Year party!

The exhibition consists of imaginary, surreal and humorous scenes created using products and solutions provided by the participating companies from a wide range of sectors: from fashion to ceramics, from furniture to sports equipment and from bathroom furnishings to food and textiles. The sponsors include: Alce Nero, Vitra, Molteni, Cordivari, Technogym, Duravit Italia, Valli Arredobagno, Wall&Deco, Glass 1989, Emilceramica, Eterno Ivica, Hom, Idea, Julia Marmi, Messori, Minacciolo, Mirage, Oikos, Oli and Made a Mano.

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