ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty

In an era where authenticity and originality are emerging priorities in contemporary design, Antonacci Falegnamerie, in collaboration with Artistic Director Fabio Mazzeo, presents an unprecedented fusion of tradition and innovative design at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. This event marks the debut of "ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty," a testament to the art of tailor-made carpentry interpreted through an ultra-contemporary lens.

A Tailored Dream: The Vision of Timeless Design

The "ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty" concept showcases a reality where architects' imagination takes shape in the skilled hands of Antonacci Falegnamerie artisans, a company with a solid experience in wood processing and high-end contract furniture, to realize the most ambitious and personalized projects.

The "ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty" exhibition pays homage to "made in Italy," to creative quality, to attention to detail, to manual skills, to the heritage of experiences passed down through generations, and to the ability to create a network of high-end artisans capable of tackling any challenge worldwide.

Aesthetic and Functionality: A Dialogue between Classic and Contemporary

The close collaboration between Antonacci Falegnamerie and Fabio Mazzeo Architects has over the years given rise to unique, complex, and intimately tailored creations.

Therefore, the installation designed by Fabio Mazzeo is a vibrant new aesthetic experiment, a juxtaposition of deliberately dissonant compositional motifs, where contemporary fragmentation emerges from surfaces covered with rigorous classic boiserie in a counterpoint of materials, textures, and decorations that impress and captivate the gaze. Special emphasis is placed on the evolved and precious finishes that Antonacci Falegnamerie achieves through the boldest design experiments.

An elaborate setup welcomes visitors, leading them into a bewildering kaleidoscope of colors and materials whose images bounce in the multiple reflections of mirrors (technical partner Geovetro) as if they were frames of the story of Antonacci Falegnamerie construction skills.

Once again, Fabio Mazzeo creates a unique scenography that incorporates all the components and functions of a space, going beyond mere architectural design to also conceive all the furnishings that animate it, through a play of formal references, chromatic contrasts, and mutable geometries. The vertical meets the horizontal, and cladding transforms into furniture.

An example of this vision is a lava flow generated from the wall, becoming a majestic polyhedral seat. This particular creation was made possible through collaboration with Atelier+39, a company specialized in textile work with great artisanal expertise.

The lighting is curated by Profili, an Italian company that combines tradition and design through innovative technologies, creating tailor-made and exclusive lighting pieces.

"ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty" stands out as a three-dimensional architectural creation characterized by its bold and contemporary design, showcasing woodworking, from the most traditional to the most futuristic techniques.

The Intelligence of Hands: At the Center of Creation

Antonacci Falegnamerie positions itself as a unique interpreter between the designer and the finished work, enhancing the creative process through manual expression, where thought is staged, and hands become protagonists. The hands of expert artisans express the intelligence of know-how, an experiential intelligence. Touching the material, feeling it, knowing how to use and enhance it. "ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty" work is an invitation to immerse oneself in craftsmanship, to "listen" to the raw material, and to contemplate the transformation of wood into a unique work. A characteristic of the installation is the use of solid wood, which, with manual and machine processing techniques, recreates particular tactile effects and forms, alternating wax-treated paneling with panels of different sizes.

"Dream Builders": A Commitment to Excellence

By exposing at the Salone del Mobile, not only Antonacci Falegnamerie excels as an interpreter of design visions but also confirms itself as a strategic partner for architects in realizing their dreams. Thanks to its network of partners, it is capable of engineering any design concept, giving life to unique and personalized structures distinguished by complexity, functionality, and beauty.

A Unique Concept to celebrate creativity and express expertise.

"ANAMORPHOSIS – Revealing Beauty" is more than a constructive exercise; it is a statement of intentions, a manifesto celebrating the variety, uniqueness, and infinite potential of custom design. This project invites exploration of new frontiers in architecture and interior design, offering a boundless vision for those seeking to stand out in an increasingly demanding market.

Thanks to Fabio Mazzeo's astonishing project, Antonacci Falegnamerie exhibits a timeless work, demonstrating that imagination, when combined with craftsmanship, becomes a marvelous journey into the heart of creativity.