The Thermally Treated Oak by Original Parquet

The “Rovere Termotrattati” – Thermally Treated Oak – collection is finished in a high-temperature thermal process that causes chemical changes in the wood, reducing residual humidity and improving physical characteristics like mildew, mould and insect resistance.

Thanks to continuous research and experimentation, Original Parquet has found a way to eliminate the chemical products and additives used in previous thermal treatments and achieve effective results using just water and heat. The wood is dehydrated and all its organic components are either removed by evaporation or crystallised within the structure. This eliminates all the substances subject to deterioration and gives the treated wood excellent durability.  The thermal treatment process gives hardwoods a natural, attractive and slightly darker colouration throughout.

The main benefits of thermally treating wood are:

  • Elimination of the organic substances that create a suitable habitat for wood-eating moulds and mildews to live and proliferate.
  • The treated wood becomes more durable and more stable, suffering far less swelling and shrinkage.

The collection comes in four formats: Large Board (180/190 mm in width, from 1,700 to 2,200 mm in length), two sizes of Italian Parquet (70x490 mm and 90x700 mm) and French Parquet (90x610 mm). The choice of finishes includes Neutro Vissuto, Spazzolato Verniciato and Oliato Naturale (Plain Aged, Brushed & Painted, and Natural Oiled).