SCENA, the pure form of travertine

With Milan Design Week 2023 VI+M studio presents SCENA, the new collection of furniture made in travertine, in collaboration with Remuzzi Marmi.

SCENA, the new proposal by VI+M for the 2023 Salone del Mobile edition, was born out of the architecture’s studio constant search for simple and pure shapes, aimed at enhancing more the expressive power of materials and the centrality of the craftsmanship, more than the virtuous gesture of the design. The collection presents a series of furnishing elements in repurposed stone material, entirely handmade, thanks to the collaboration with the skilled craftsmen of Remuzzi Marmi.

The elements part of the collection go beyond form and function and aim to become “stage”, intended in the most theatrical sense. They are conceived as “micro-architectures”, where materials and geometries merge, where the relationship between the elements that compose them aims to define real spaces within which it is possible to move with small gestures.

The entire collection is made of travertine of different essences, a material particularly adherent to the Italian tradition. The slabs used are characterized by an important porosity, which highlights and emphasizes the materic and pure aspect of the pruduct making each piece unique. Cracks, sometimes real fissures, which in classic processes are usually perceived as defects and therefore discarded, in this case they give the stone the opportunity to come back to life and resume the “scene”, becoming an added value that underlines the importance of environmental sustainability alongside the decisive sculptural character of each individual piece.

Vincenzo Ignaccolo, co-founder of VI+M and designer of SCENA collection, said:

“We wanted to underline the scenic power of travertine, in its most authentic nature, to create furnishing elements capable of bringing the poetic and regenerative force of the most important heritage we have into the home environment: our territory. Small pieces of nature, rejected by the supply chain, redesigned by us and manipulated by artisan hands.”

The entire collection will be previewed the 19th of april at 6.00 p.m. during Milano design week 2023 at the studio VI+M, inside the immersive installation thought like a synthesis of the visual imagery of the studio.

Technical description

The collection SCENA consists of three elements: COFFEE TABLE, CONSOLE and a BENCH. All the objects are realized with different typologies of open porous travertine: classic roman, red, grey and walnut. On each element, a small vase made by hand with blown glass is expected to be inserted which, besides emphasizing the collection, has the role to underline the natural character of the elements. A recurring theme is the use of color with which one of the vertical surfaces of the slabs is treated, a chromatic play that aims through a staged plot, to give an additional power to the elements of nature.


Available in:

  • Open pore roman travertine, blown glass vase and glaze
  • Open pore red travertine, blown glass vase and glaze
  • Open pore walnut travertine, blown glass vase and glaze
  • Open pore grey travertine, blown glass vase and glaze

Photo credits: Delfino Sisto Legnani - DSL studio