Memento Collection by Yabu Pushelberg

cc-tapis and the North American design studio Yabu Pushelberg unveil memories through artisanal craftsmanship presenting the new Memento Collection.

A collection of seven hand-knotted rugs produced by Tibetan artisans in the cc-tapis Atelier in Nepal. A uniquely individual series of art-pieces for the floor bursting into hyperreal landscapes of ephemeral allegorical characters. Fleeting and familiar, the design of Memento weaves a portal from reality into a dream realm.

Exploring the creative approach of both brands, each piece brings to life this in-between state, capturing monumental moments or the residual effects garnered from the past. Disorienting time and space, these recollections can be hyperreal in full technicolor or infinitely mysterious and allusive. They can be bent, reshaped, or exulted, vulnerable to be lost or forgotten in a distracting world.

Memento creates a tapestry of personal narratives within each rug, transcribing Yabu Pushelberg’s memories and treasured moments with Himalayan wool. cc-tapis artisans combine both dyed and undyed materials in extremely delicate gradients, finished by hand to evoke the soft and undefined nostalgic moments which accumulate together to form the collection.

A uniquely individual series of hand-knotted rugs, enhanced by their exacting knowledge of technique and flawless expertise. Memento aims to inspire through memory, while conjuring up new ones, yet to come.

“cc-tapis graciously provided us with a fresh canvas to express our most significant memories; helping us create a “memento” living on the surface of the floor (or wall).” – Yabu Pushelberg

Photo by Sean Davidson