Giardino, designed by Carlotta Fortuna

The Giardino collection, born from the design of Carlotta Fortuna and guided by a refined aesthetic language, fully enters among her collections that draw inspiration from the natural element or, as the designer says, "from Mother Earth and all its forms".

Carlotta Fortuna has created, over time, several collections of carpets all with a strong graphic sense and a refined aesthetic language. Her latest, Giardino , is inspired by Botticelli’s Primavera, evoking through the art of weaving an expanse of wild flowers and grasses. A meadow of natural beauty disordered and spontaneous, where small strokes of color, like free brushstrokes on the canvas of a contemporary painter, become flower stems, leaves and petals.

“I have always thought of the carpet as a sacred space, a space that sepa rates, where you sit in the center to contemplate its contents. For me, this content has always been Mother Earth in all her forms.”
- Carlotta Fortuna -

Pile composi tion : 50% wool and 50% viscose ;
Tecnique : Hand knotting ;
Qualità: 160.000 nodi⁄mq;
Height : 12mm;
Origin : India; Finishing : The carpets are hand washed, clipped and carved ;
Colors : Light ( grey ) e Dark ( black );
Dimension : 300 x 250cm