BEAUSOLEIL: Lison de Caunes and Glenn Sestig for The Invisible Collection

Inspired by the beauty and softness of the sun’s reflections, this collection of tables and seating harmoniously blends the minimalist style of celebrated architect Glenn Sestig with the exceptional craftsmanship of the Ateliers Lison de Caunes.

“Beausoleil” is composed of two side tables, a coffee table, and four stools distinguished by their clean lines and plays of subtle and refined colours. The name perfectly embodies the essence of these creations, eloquently evoking the shimmering patterns of straw arranged like rays of sunlight, capturing and reflecting the light to create a unique and resolutely contemporary aesthetic. Rye straw, tinged in soft, warm shades ranging from grey to burgundy to brown, is complimented by the clean, graphic shapes of the furniture. This striking contrast reinforces the elegance of each piece, whether used in combination or independently. 

Elegant and creative affinities

When Lison de Caunes and Glenn Sestig met, there was an instant and natural connection between them. As a modernist architect with a passion for raw materials, Glenn Sestig has attracted prestigious clients such as fashion designer Raf Simmons and artist Luc Tuymans.

Lison de Caunes has established herself as a virtuoso in straw marquetry. As a result of her perseverance and creativity she has brought this traditional craft back into fashion, taking it to new heights. In her Parisian workshop, she works for major luxury houses such as Cartier and Guerlain, as well as with renowned interior designers and talented young creators.