BD Barcelona by David Luraschi

In celebration of a new era for BD Barcelona, we have selected a group of works representing the best of the brand, both past and present.

The campaign was developed in collaboration with the renowned French American photographer David Luraschi, known for his colourful and dynamic fashion campaigns with the likes of Jacquemus. To frame this quirky campaign, we have chosen the top of Montjuic mountain in Barcelona as a backdrop. Specifically, the Olympic Ring designed by architects Correa and Milà for the 1992 Olympic Games.

In the photos, a combination of historical and contemporary pieces take on a life of their own as if they were characters in a story, lining up in a multitude of configurations in an environment intimately connected to Barcelona. Representing the energy and groundbreaking vision of the city has always been BD’s driving force. This vision and brand energy is shared by all of us, BD’s new owners, architects and designers, long-time partners and friends of Barcelona, who through all this brand energy, seek to highlight the splendour of Barcelona, the symbolic value of BD’s catalogue, its cultural, international, provocative, diverse, and festive character. 

Photos by David Luraschi