Aquaarida: the essence of drought and the resilience born from water's touch

Aquaarida a project by Jacopo Lupi and Fabrizio De Gaetano debuts at Milan Design Week 2024. A piece of furniture that celebrates the balance between the elements of water and earth.

In a dynamic era where art and design converge with profound themes like sustainability and innovation, two visionary minds, Jacopo Lupi and Fabrizio De Gaetano, have synergized their creativity and expertise to unveil a groundbreaking project: AquaArida. Making its debut at Milan Design Week 2024, AquaArida embodies a harmonious blend of form and function, offering a fresh perspective on the everyday utility of objects in outdoor environments.

Jacopo Lupi, a master of both artisanal ceramics and digital innovation, ventures into uncharted territories, exploring the three-dimensional realm of objects on a grand scale. His journey pushes the boundaries of craftsmanship and design, infusing an artistic essence into every creation. Meanwhile, Fabrizio De Gaetano, a mechanical engineer turned design maverick, injects his passion for sustainability and prototyping prowess into AquaArida. The result? A rugged yet refined structure that demands attention and admiration.

At its core, AquaArida is a testament to the delicate balance between water and clay, symbolizing our intricate relationship with the natural world. It speaks volumes about the essence of drought and the resilience born from water's touch—a narrative brought to life through meticulous craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Featuring a robust metal frame and an exquisitely crafted ceramic surface, AquaArida invites contemplation on the raw beauty of nature and our interconnectedness with it. The hand-welded iron profiles, coupled with precisely cut stoneware tiles, epitomize durability and craftsmanship of the highest order. Whether glazed or in its natural state, every element of AquaArida embodies a commitment to sustainable production practices and environmental stewardship.

More than just a table, AquaArida serves as a bold proclamation—a call to reimagine our approach to design and the role of objects in our daily lives. Lupi and De Gaetano challenge convention, proving that aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability can coalesce seamlessly, inspiring awe and innovation in equal measure.

Ph. Emma Paillex